Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Some days are just harder than others.  Isn't that just so true for everyone.  One day is good, normal, even average or boring and then the next sort of blows up in your face.

I have been processing over the last couple of months.  Processing is the best way I can say it. Fighting what ifs, battling why, pushing back how comes.  It's hard to press into the Lord in all things.  Everyone has their "thing" too.  Could be money, kids, job, family, health - it's something. And if it isn't today it will creep in at some point.  I'm not trying to be a pessimist here I'm just speaking to my fellow humans who live on this side of perfect eternity.

So what do I know.  For me it always comes down to knowing because my head has been taught well.  I have had sound theology taught to me since I was a baby. I studied and studied AND do you know what is crazy sometimes my dang heart is so slow to follow.  I know truth but man it's hard to grasp faith and hope when their is disappointment, fear and pain.  Right?

I don't want to be sharpened... and yet I do.  The struggle is real.