Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bottle Spray Painting

Here is the rest of the wine bottle project.  Besides cutting our wine bottles we also spray painted and decorated.  Brittany's goal was to create next year's Christmas decor by spraying the bottles white and rolling them in Epson salt for a snowy creation!  

Used spray glue on the already painted bottle.

Rolled the bottle in epson salt

 Here it is just so adorable.  Don't you think with some Christmas blink inside it will be awesome!

 For several sizes beer bottles also come in handy.

Here are the bottles I spray painted. Tequilla bottle, beer bottle and wine bottle.

New home in the bathroom.
I'm planning to add some twine around the neck of the bottles... but for now they are hanging out here.
Here is one of the wine bottles we cut that I spray painted silver and rolled in epson salt for my winter decor this season.

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