Saturday, August 20, 2011

My new addiction... no wait, hobby... no wait, idea motivator

Of late I feel as though I have been one very busy person.  I have been mostly playing and hanging out with friends but nevertheless I haven't really stopped and rested which I really want to because I have so many things I want to do. Hmmm that doesn't sound like resting :)  Well, as many of my Facebook friends know I am recently addicted to  This isn't really a new website but it is one I finally stopped resisting and thought I would check out and of course, as I suspected, I was hooked! 
-- And what fun would it really be if I didn't hook all of my friends.  --  
So I have been spreading the word and creating more addicts :-) If you are a crafty person or a visual person that loves art, ideas, fashion, photography and DIY then this is a site that will more than likely hook you too.  I call it a virtual bulletin board where you pin up ideas you like to save for later.  They say, 
"Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests."
So I have some boards, here are the highlights:
Hair Happiness: is where I store my hair ideas.  right now I am growing my hair out so I love braiding and styling in fun new ways, especially in ways that keep it off my neck, since it's 106°F out these days.  Also, I am seriously considering bangs so I am collecting the type of bangs I would like to have.  Since I haven't had bangs since 1990 I figure I better do some research, plus Phil is a bit apprehensive about the idea.

I Want To Make: this board is full of things that are awesome and I think I can actually make them. Each one is a link to a blog online where someone has created a sweet tutorial so all I have to do is use a little creativity and follow directions.  I'm hoping some of these turn into awesome but low cost Christmas presents!
One Day...: this is probably my most controversial board to date.  It is full of ideas for baby things nursery, gifts for showers, shower ideas.  All things baby.  It's true I have baby fever... but while I'm waiting for the day I get to plan for my baby I think I will practicing making things for other's.

Original Recipe
I've already put some of these ideas into action.  This week I made a recipe I found.
My "jazzed up" version
These are Peanut Butter Chocolate Crescent Rolls.  I made them as the directions said but in the end I thought they were a bit dry so I decided to "jazz" them up.  I brushed on a little oil and sprinkled with sugar, and when that didn't satisfy me I drizzled with chocolate.  Served best warm.

I also tried out one of the braids I saw:

I also made a box and got crafty wrapping a birthday present for a friend.  

Now for my next adventure.... sewing!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I’ve been brainstorming and scheming a post about driving.  I drive a lot, as most of you know, and in all my driving I have learned lessons about myself. I have also listened to extraordinary things that I might have missed out on, if not for driving so much. I have loved and I have hated Kidd Kraddick In The Morning. But beyond these things I have learned about humans.

My plight in this post is to reveal my thoughts and at least get them off my chest so, I hopefully, won’t be fuming ideas for this post so often.
First I will just start with a few rants (prepare yourself and please don’t judge me - these thoughts usually get no further than the car):
  1. Just because your “blinker” is on doesn’t mean you automatically have the right-of-way.
  2. The slowest and most obnoxious drivers are most of the time Asian. (I told you not to judge)
  3. The dumbest drivers always drive Mercedes.
  4. The rudest drivers almost always have a University of Texas sticker.
  5. Girls really drive stupid when they drive a pick-up truck!  (sorry all those of you who think you are an exception - you’re not!)
  6. When merging lanes - actually merging is required (SURPRISE) and it goes smoother if you start early.
  7. If you try to sneak in the front the cars waiting in line, I laugh at you when you don’t get in and I will NEVER let you in.  Sorry cheater.
  8. Accident on-lookers actually make me want to cause another crash by ramming them.
  9. Also, service your car people!!!  Headlights and break lights being out is really unacceptable.  Don’t tell me you didn’t notice - you easily check your reflection in the car behind or in front of you and they are usually pretty inexpensive so no excuse.
  10. Oh and if you can’t remember to turn your turn signal off once you change lanes because you are talking to a passenger or because you are on the phone... don’t drive!
  11. And if you are going to make a turn don’t just randomly brake and then at the last second turn on your turn signal... use your turn signal before breaking... duh, that’s what it is for to tell others to either prepare to slow down or to go around you. IT’S CALLED COMMUNICATION

Now onto my thoughts toward the human race observed from an automobile (as if the above wasn’t enough):
I think we have a really sad human race, especially if it is mostly observed from a car. I mean the way people behave truly reveals our heart’s nature and selfish motives. Most people would never act in “real life” as they do on the road way.  An example of this is cutting in line.  No one in public or in life would simply throw themselves in front of you and make you get out of the way all the while throwing you the “bird” as if you - by sitting and waiting your turn - actually did something wrong. (Only exception here I guess is Tickle Me Elmo at Christmas). Selfish behavior is highlighted on the road way.  I am always amazed at people who fly by me at 90 mph and glare at me going 70mph, I’m already going over the speed limit and they look at me like I’m sooooooo in-the-way. Also, watching people swerve across 5 lanes of traffic to “make” their exit is astonishing.  Sure it is annoying to miss your exit or turn but risking others lives and investments is just stupid.
I’ve thought about going “Jeff Foxworth” on people before.  I think I’ll just get a light up sign that I can type messages in like, “Your left brake light is out!”, or “Turn Signal Would Be Nice”, or “Worst Driver of the Day Award goes to YOU”, or “Nice Move”.  I mean seriously people - Here’s Your Sign!

Check out these links they could be other good alternatives:)
or this could be an option
oooooo or this could be addicting
Now I’m not one to say there should be more laws for drivers.  I think there are too many already... and survival of the fittest I think should apply.  :-) But among all the laws for driving I think having to retake and PASS Driver’s Ed should be a law.  I mean it’s like people forget the basics or something and defensive driving after a ticket is stupid.
I like the way this guy thinks! 
I’m not saying I’m a prefect driver, I definitely have my own struggle with road rage and selfish actions on the roadway but I’m just saying we should all be more conscious of the message we are portraying as a whole.
Happy driving, I'll be seein' ya!!!

My ride around town!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I must admit I feel a little overwhelmed that it is somehow already August.  “Summer” always seems somewhat over once August gets here although the hot temperatures will continue.  In August I start mentally preparing for the holidays.  As I have mentioned before, I don’t do change well so I start mentally preparing early.  I start brainstorming gifts ideas, putting the budget together, worrying about whether or not Phil will have to work on the holiday and not be around (this always annoys me and gear up early)…I’m  not saying this is the most healthy approach to the holidays.

August 24th kicks off the busy season with my Dad’s birthday after that is my “little” sisters on September 4th (she will be 21 this year, CRAZY!!!!) and Boone (my nephew) will be 1 year old this year and so a BIG celebration is in order.  That is also, of course, Labor Day weekend.  Then October is my birthday month and you can’t forget Halloween.  November strikes quickly with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years are always full of parties, family, planning, busy, and that means stress.  Hmm did I just get to the end of the year in a paragraph?  Sheesh.

Before I even get to August 24th I’m headed down to Camp Eagle for a week/weekend of babysitting Boone!  I’m so excited about this I can hardly contain myself.  He is walking now and is full of fun and energy I’m pumped. I’m also going to use this time to help my sweet friend with Hope Mommies.  It is a non-profit organization that I am the Creative Director for.   The ministry serves Mom’s and families who have lost a baby.  We are going to be putting together boxes for hospitals to give out to families experiencing this loss.  I’m so proud of my friend Erin for trusting the Lord and being a faithful follower to work so hard in this ministry, even when she doesn’t feel adequate. I have been so challenged and blessed by her. 

Here is the brochure I designed for Hope Mommies.
More on how I got involved in a later post. 

Stay tune!