Wednesday, May 6, 2015

BIG NEWS! All Glory to God

It has been since October that I last wrote a blog post. Today I realized (thanks Timehop that 4 years ago today I started this blog and posted my first post) and today may be the BEST post YET.

It is amazing to me how time can fly by and also seem excruciating long at the same time.  I have found that the more overwhelmed by God my life seems to be the quieter I tend to be.  Maybe it's because I am more in tune with just how tiny my thoughts are or maybe it's a fear of not adequately expressing the amazing work I am beholding from the Lord.  But it seems to me that this is hardly the time to be quite.  It's the time to yell from the roof tops!

We added JOY to our Christmas decor this year and I love how fitting it is.