All About Me - CRay

I live in Texas! Yeehaw I guess!  Although, I have lived most all of my life in Dallas and "Yeehaw" seems a little silly to me just like it does most of America but I do have a lot of state pride, don't get me wrong.

I'm married to a wonderful, hilarious, Christ-following man name Phil, who I will probably reference a lot.  He is in PA school has GRADUATED PA SCHOOL and it was a wild ride. I blogged about that crazy ride a little here is a post if you are interested on surviving PA school while being married.

I am a freelance graphic designer and a photographer for fun!  I love all creativity and desire that my life and work reflect the hope of Christ in me.  My design work and photography portfolio can be found on my website at

We have two puppies, Buster and Arden, they used to be our spoiled fur babies.  Now they are our dogs. Sorry little guys. You got trumped.
Buster!  All Beagle - we like to say he has an old soul.
Arden!  A Beagle/ Jack Russel mix - he is a wild man but the most affectionate dog I've ever seen!

Oh yeah - they love me!

After trying to start a family for a few years the Lord blessed us with a beautiful daughter.