Monday, January 30, 2012

Phil's B-day Party ... FINALLY

I can't believe I am just now getting around to blogging about Phil's birthday party.  I have mentioned it a few times but I have ever posted pics.

Since this year he turned 31 on the 13th which also happened to fall on Friday I decided to throw him a "Good Luck" Party.  I guess I was figuring if turing your age on the date you were born (i.e. 13 on the 13th) is your Golden Birthday I figured turning the inverse had to be something too so I just inverted a Bad Luck day to be a Good Luck party!

The invite.

So here are the pics. I unfortunately didn't take near enough.

The main decorations were all centered around fairly well known bad or good luck superstitions:
Apples:  an apple a day keeps the doctor away
Penny:  Heads up pennies are good luck/ Tails up bad luck
Mirror: breaking a mirror is bad luck
Umbrellas: Opening an umbrella inside is bad luck
Four Leaf Clover: good luck

The invitation asked everyone to wear there clothes inside out.  This was for good luck... sort of like a "rally cap"  Most everyone did a splendid job showing up with at least one article of clothing inside out... it really is a shame I didn't get photos of any one.

All the mirrors around the house were wrapped in Caution Tape.

The making of the cake was the longest process for me.  I wanted to make a four leaf clover in keeping with the theme so I borrowed a 6" heart shaped cake pans from my neighbor (she is a cake Queen and has all things cake!)  Anyway, here is the making of the cake:

one heart

coming together nicely



Candles say 31.

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