Sunday, December 16, 2012

Videos to Share.

First up...

My Thanksgiving this year wasn't spent in typical holiday tradition sitting idly watching football or planning black Friday shopping excursions; this year it was in the middle of the Texas Hill country without even cell service and yet full of family fun and adventure. Being the city gal that I am, I might have been “getting away” from work and daily responsibilities but my laptop was making the trip regardless. So I packed up my necessary equipment in my Altego backpack and headed to “camp”. Camp Eagle that is. It’s a great place – you should check it out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Clean Out.

I'm so sad to have not blogged in faaaaarrrrr too long!  It's sort of unbelievable how overwhelmed I have been.  I think I say that a lot but I realized through a series of things happening (or not happening) that I have been shutting down due to overwork.  "All work and no play makes Constance a dull girl", and totally not function properly.  My new recent habit has been to do nothing if I don't know how to do it at first.  This has mainly been a problem with my freelance and as overflowed into blogging.  Instead of thinking, asking, or creating a solution I just don't do it.  ugh!  not good.  To be honest the only reason I am blogging right now is because it is about the only thing I can do while a video I'm working on for work renders.  It takes about all the juice my laptop has to offer so I shut down most all my applications while it works.