Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy busy bee.

It's Friday, this has been a crazy week.  I feel as though I haven't stopped at all and honestly I'm not even sure how I got to Friday.  Like when you get to a destination and don't remember any of the drive... uhh yeah kinda scary.  So sorry to my fantastic and loyal readers but I haven't anything too ground breaking for you this week as pretty much my fun projects have been on hold for work.

One upside to being a designer/photographer though it sometimes your work is fun to show.  And this week I had the extreme pleasure of a newborn photo shoot!  Yay!  So here are some of the shots we got.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meeting Benji!

I might be a little obsessed.  It's true!  

I went to meet my newest little nephew this past weekend/week and fell in love with him and the 2 year old that is Boone!  Wow is 2 a busy age!  That kiddo just goes and goes but his adorableness never ends.