Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homemade&Save - Lil' more Social - A Hodge Podge

Well I can't really believe how quickly January has flown by.  Not that I mind.  I am always ready for the cold weather to get a move on outta here.  We still have to endure February which generally proves to be cold but I'll happily endure if it kills some of those pesky mosquitoes from last year.

I haven't blogged in awhile I suppose that's because I haven't thought I had much to say other than complaining.

But we did celebrate Phil's birthday by a trip to WinStar Casino and he bought a remote control helicopter to celebrate 32 :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Little More Mess

Last weekend I took down the Christmas tree but I just wasn't ready to take down all the decor so I left some up in the name of "winter decor".  Snowflakes, garland and twinkle lights have all remained.  Some ornaments even stayed out because I didn't yet purchase more pine cones to replace them.  I don't really mind them though because they are gold, green and browns as opposed to traditional Christmas colors.

In the process of cleaning up I found myself frustrated with my decor in my living room.  My bookshelves seemed cluttered and my entertainment center felt haphazard so I went to work on restaging.  I saw on someone's Facebook page (I don't even remember who) this picture of them in front of their bookshelves which were adorable, books and little nick knack chotchkies everywhere and instead of looking like a mess it was very visually interesting. So I thought perhaps that my problem with my book shelves and entertainment center was not that it was too messy... it was that it wasn't messy enough.  LOL.  Crazy sounding I know.  But I went to work on them adding and repositioning things for a better visual interest and I feel very pleased with the results.

So the downside here is that I don't have before pictures but here are the after pictures.