Monday, June 13, 2011

10 year high school reunion - Class of '01

It’s that time… I officially feel old.  This past May was the 10 year anniversary of my high school graduation.  I keep seeing friends on status updates on Facebook about going to their high school reunions and reminiscing of old memories that shaped their youth and launched them into adulthood – for better or worse.  

We were class Presidents
So as it turns out, I was home schooled, which basically means when it comes to a 10 year reunion I don’t really get one.  Of course there are all the jokes like, well you can just go home… blah blah blah.   I did actually go to co-ops as a homeschooled high schooler and did school and life with other teenagers but we weren’t necessarily in the same “graduating class”.  That was a little more ambiguous.  I did have a graduation, robe, cap, tassel and all.

I have a high school transcript from Lighthouse Academy, signed by the Principle, my Dad. :) 

So a random group of homeschooled grads get together every year and make our own little graduating class.  Our class did senior pictures as a "class" and all.  Class of '01!

Couldn't find the actual shot...this is behind the scenes.
So how many of these folks have I kept up with?… well 3...kinda.  But percentage wise, that’s not to bad right… I mean how many people have you really kept up with from high school.

Truth is most people remember high school most of all based on the school they went to.  I remember based on my church and the youth group that I loved.  My closest friends were in my church youth group.  The people who helped shape my character (when listening to my parents was so totally not what I wanted to do), listened to my teenage struggles, challenged me and were awesome friends and mentors.

Some of the most amazing women whom I love!
Some of my youth group - this is the seniors I graduated with.
Things I loved about my youth group:
  • I got to help lead music - and we had some super talented musician which was really fun.
  • Served dinner at Union Gospel Mission once a month to the homeless - life changing
  • We went to Israel!
  • I was introduced to David Wilcox by my youth pastor.  LOL
  • Pancake breakfast at stinkin' early in the morning - sacrifices a youth pastor makes are CRAZY!
  • Some of the people I graduated with I had known since I was a baby and still know today.
  • Summer Camp - although we combined with another church youth group we went every summer to Jan Kay Ranch and I even went back as a Jr. Counselor and Co Counselor.

Part of graduating is saying goodbye as you get ready to head off to college.  Part of that send off for me also took place at work as I had worked for Scrappy Scrapbooks since I was 16.  I made a pretty good friends while I worked their who was also graduating and so the owners and employees through us a wonderful party.

Me and my coworker!
When I think all the way back to my senior year and reminisce on the old times, I can't help but be so thankful for all the people who God put in my life; my parents who sacrificed to homeschool me and my siblings, my youth pastor, mentors, and youth group as a whole, my employer and coworkers.

I hope I haven't bored you but I was feeling a little nostalgic and I guess this will kind of be my 10 year reunion.

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