Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Clean Out.

I'm so sad to have not blogged in faaaaarrrrr too long!  It's sort of unbelievable how overwhelmed I have been.  I think I say that a lot but I realized through a series of things happening (or not happening) that I have been shutting down due to overwork.  "All work and no play makes Constance a dull girl", and totally not function properly.  My new recent habit has been to do nothing if I don't know how to do it at first.  This has mainly been a problem with my freelance and as overflowed into blogging.  Instead of thinking, asking, or creating a solution I just don't do it.  ugh!  not good.  To be honest the only reason I am blogging right now is because it is about the only thing I can do while a video I'm working on for work renders.  It takes about all the juice my laptop has to offer so I shut down most all my applications while it works.

So my plan has been to blog about all my Thanksgiving adventures at Camp Eagle with my family but I haven't gotten around to it.  Good news is I have taken baby steps toward the end goal... that is downloading video off my phone and other cameras!  Yup that's right these adventures were video worthy!
If you keep up with me through Facebook, Instrgram or Twitter you may have seen some sneak peak pictures of the excitement   If you keep up with me in real life you may have already been forced to view these videos but once I compile them I'm sure they will be worth another watch ;)

As a mini update I bought some vanity glasses the other day.  I expect mixed reviews but I have had fun wearing them so as far as accessories go I think that is the point.
Here is a pic:

I ran across this on Pinterest and it sparked my interest... mostly because Phil and I have been talking about getting rid of stuff, STUFF, and more STUFF.  Man have we collected a lot of STUFF in the 5.5 years we have been married.  I feel like we are busting out of the seams of our house... and that's not good!

So when I found this challenge I thought I should make my own list of stuff to get rid of.  But in all reality there is a pack rat side to me.  I think (as you may imagine) "but what if I need that one day".  It would be better to have it already than have to go re-buy it.  Then the angel/devil on my shoulder (I haven't figured out it's for the good side or evil side) reminds me that when I do need it I probably won't remember where it is or that I even already own it and that it is simply time to purge out the extraneous.  So I thought I would strategically create a list of my house and all that needs to be gone through....

and then I made it cute cause a cute list is way more fun to look at...

I have a feeling this isn't going to happen in 25 days, as it were, but rather a few months.  I suppose I am supposed to do this in the spring hence Spring Cleaning but since I prefer to stay huddled inside during the cold months I think this will be a great Jan/Feb. project. I'm looking forward to perhaps updating you with some lovely before/after photos.

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  1. you're so stinking cute!!! love your glasses :) xo's