Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ice Storm 2013 = New Bathroom for Me!

If you read my last blog entry you found out I joyously have a bit more time on my hands these days; and in case you don't know me too well then let me tell you extra time means I get a LOT done.  I'm not really very good and just "sitting around and eating bon-bons" as my husband would say.  Even when I am watching TV I like to be "doing" something.  So for some Christmas presents I have been making creations which is what dominated most of my time while iced in alone for four days (can't show you those yet, maybe after Christmas I'll blog about those).  Phil, my husband, works in an ER about an hour away so that means a couple things...
1. He HAS to go to work.  You can't really call in when you work in the ER.
2. You also can't drive back and forth when it is super icy and it's midnight so he stayed in a hotel and the dogs and I hunkered down trying to keep warm.
Arden was not a fan of the ice.

Frozen things are cool but I couldn't stay out long I'm a wuss. 

Thankfully, before the ice storm hit I had purchased lot of craft supplies and paint supplies.  I got the idea in my head that our main bathroom needed to be jazzed up.  So I went out on a limb and bought a gallon of fairly bright teal paint and got busy.

That's my before and after show and tell... 

I kind of love it and it makes me happy so regardless of if you like the change or not - I do... and it's way better than when we bought the house.

I know what you REALLY want to see is what it looked like when we first moved in.



I know it was special... we should have kept it. ;P
(It was hand stenciled and I totally felt guilty painting over it... BUT...)

After the bathroom was finished I had barely put a dent in the gallon of paint (oops - should have bought a quart) but I decided why stop with the bathroom so I painted our laundryroom/garage door.  I have dubbed it the "bant door" (combo of front and back... which in hind sight we have another backdoor so maybe I need to rethink this) as it functions more as our front door than our real front door. so maybe it should be dubbed "frage door" or "froge"... oh my.  Maybe I should just show you.

And now I must leave you with one final ice picture.
Doesn't our house look so great all decked out for Christmas with the pretty ice reflection.

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