Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've finally starting investing more into my photography equipment.  So a few months ago I got a nice tri-pod which has come in pretty handy for my few little maternity shoots that I have done.   Here are a few shots from the two I did this spring/summer.

Now I decided it was time for a little fun and something I have always wanted is a Fisheye lens.  I love the distortion, I love the wide angle, I love the creativity it instantly adds.  Then of course once you get these photos onto the computer you can do so many fun tweaks.  Not everyone loves the look but for a few fun creative pictures I think it will be a great addition to my photography equipment. Naturally when it came in a quickly attached it and began taking as many random pictures as possibly to play.  Here's a few... so you can see what it does.

The splotch on his cheek is goo on the lens I got when I bumped into Buster's nose.
Look at how much of the room you can see!!!!
My stock flash doesn't work so well.
Then I took the Fish eye lens off... this is a "regular view" 
Then I zoomed out to get in as much as possible without the Fish eye.
The fish eye lens is pretty cool huh!

I also just purchased a shutter release remote control which I am really looking forward to using at my birthday party photo booth.  Hopefully this will allow people to easily take photos without anyone being behind the camera!  We will see.  This was the photo booth at my Couples Christmas party last year!  :)

My lil family!
I am also looking forward to my new shoe mount flash to come in which will be awesome addition to my camera since it rotates 90 degrees vertically and 270 degree swivel  I will no long have blow out spots with my stock camera flash or weird shadows when using the Fish eye lens!  Yippee!

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  1. FUN!! can't wait to see new C-Ray photo activity :) looking forward to our family shoot next month!