Friday, November 2, 2012

Meeting Benji!

I might be a little obsessed.  It's true!  

I went to meet my newest little nephew this past weekend/week and fell in love with him and the 2 year old that is Boone!  Wow is 2 a busy age!  That kiddo just goes and goes but his adorableness never ends.

This statue was entitled "Friendship"  between a Colonist and Native American... I think Boone wanted to smoke the peace pipe.
When you tell him to smile this is what you get!  ;) LOL
He is at that age where is you state, "Say,...." he will immediately unabashedly repeat anything that follows. So it's fun to teach him new things.  He is really into swords right now and to hear him declaring "En Garde!" was beyond cute.

En Guarde!
Seriously!?!  Is that much cuteness even allowed?

Other adorable things he says right now is:
"I have a hypothesis." This is from a show he watches - entirely adorable
"Mere, mere, mere" - With his little chubby hand out repeatedly grasping like he is motioning the way.
"Fwump" - This means jump on the trampoline

And THIS is BENJI!!!  He is such a good baby!  So cuddly and adorable.
The Monster Mash :)
Snug as a bug.
Boone needed so play time at the park with Mom so I  fed Benji.

Here are the pics I took of them for Newborn shots:

Such a loving big brother!

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