Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo a Day Challenge

Well I've tried it once before but to no avail but I am trying again this month to follow a photo a day challenge. Each day already has a pre-assigned topic for you to shoot. I am joining The Idea Room in this challenge and it is really fun because you post your photos on Instagram with the hashtag (# symbol for those who don't know) and then you can look in the category of all the other people's photos who are also participating. I think it is really neat to see how people interpret the topics differently. Also it's neat because several people (my sis and cousin) are also participating so it's like a little daily interaction that we probably wouldn't necessarily have otherwise. So this being the 6th, it's day six of the challenge and so far I have posted a photo every day.

Here is the challenge list and my photos for each day so far.

CLOCK: This was me and Phil on our way to a rare happy hour just the two of us!

MORNING: On my way to a salon appointment.

KITCHEN: My new kitchen and the most important and most used item in it.

WHERE I SAT: This is my Monday morning view with my to do list front and center.

SHARP: My trusty X-acto knife!  I use it pretty much EVERY day.

WHAT I WORE: Work from Home days are awesome!

So what do you think?  Wanna join in?

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