Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

Over the past couple of months I have been in the process of having my kitchen undergo a bit of a makeover.  Our house was built in 1963 and I'm fairly sure the counter tops were original. (If not original-pretty close cause they were OLD!)  I have been pretty proud of this project because the money for this project came from my first personal payday from my freelance/side business which I felt was a nice accomplishment for my little "after hours" job.

Have you ever redesigned/remodeled/updated your house?  Well it is harder than you think!  Or at least harder than I thought. Making decisions based on little bitty swatches and samples can make a person crazy.  I think this project turned out okay.  It is growing on me I guess. I honestly don't think the photos do it justice but here is the before and after run down.

Some of the main things I am glad changed are:

  1. An actual bar at normal bar height!  It's great for company.
  2. The counter tops no longer have a "self" back splash and no longer have gold flecks or a worn down surface.
  3. Much more space between the counter and the refrigerator.
  4. No more random hole above the stove for old outlets or missing brick by the oven vent.
  5. New sink faucet!
  6. No more random color changing brick.
Though in the above picture the counter tops look the same it did change.  We kept a similar tone since the floor is so dark we didn't want to overwhelm the room with dark tones.

Also here is a close up of the new tile. It is a combination of glass and stone. Traditionally the tile is laid horizontally but I thought it would be a nice look vertically so that's what we did.

So here it is.  Finished! well mostly...

I can't wait to get new bar stools, finish up some touch up painting and make/hang new curtains.
I'm thinking pretty girly on the curtain as the kitchen needs some frill to loosen it up a bit and possibly a rug.

So what do you think?

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