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Wow am I behind on blogging.  I haven't blogged in so long it is crazy.  Honestly, for me, blogging is like journaling and journaling is like therapy.  So the break in posts isn't a good thing for my heart and soul.  Writing is a a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings and blogging makes me edit and review.

The past few months have been so busy.  We have been traveling, Phil changed jobs, my freelance jobs are keeping me on my toes (and at my computer); it's been busy.  I feel as though I have been out of town more than I have been in town but I love the life adventure I have been experiencing.

Our first trip was a cruise!  I had never been on a cruise before so I was pretty excited.  And we had a great time so I was not disappointed.

Our ship the Carnival Magic.

Cruises are a funny thing though.  They are kind of like summer camp.  Or have you ever seen the movie Dirty Dancing?  It's just like that; a bunch 'wealthy' adults being entertained.  It seemed too cheesy - too fake and people were eating it up (figuratively and literally). So sometimes I had a bit of a hard time with that. I met folks from Indonesia, Philippines, Panama, Australia, England, Nevada - everywhere. Many, perhaps the majority, of the crew on board were from less fortunate countries and lives working hard (very hard - long hours) to make and send money home.  They were away from their homes, families, children for months at a time.   I didn't intend to make this post to have a social commentary but it was something I walked away with in my mind so I thought it was important to at least acknowledge that the dynamics of the boat were strange for me, often humbling as I vacationed in luxury.

So it wouldn't really be vacation without a bunch of fun and that we had.  It felt like we were always on the go, something to do or see.  We went to magic shows, comedy shows, fancy dinners and casual meals.  We laid in the sun, went down the water slides got massages bought watches and perfume and had a marvelous time. The cruise was 7 days with 3 stops to Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, and Cozumel.

In Jamaica, Phil and I floated the river.  The river looked very dirty because it had been raining in the mountains and that was stirring everything up as it came down the mountain.

The river was very still and we were tied to a group of 10ish with a guide that basically paddled us down the river.  He was a really nice guy that liked to go by Shrek.  

These are a few pics of the view up through the mountain.

My favorite part of the cruise was our second stop of the trip at the Cayman Islands where we went on a Stingray excursion.  Originally I thought this excursion would be boring and with too many people and while there were SOOO many people I didn't even care I just loved watching the stingrays.  I even got to hold a couple!!!!
I'm READY!!!! --- see all the people.

snorkle kiss.  haha.
Cayman was the most beautiful place and the day was perfect.

The whole Gang!
Me and my Buddy.
Other than what was your favorite part of the cruise the other main question I am asked is did I get sea sick. Well yes I did!  Not completely sick but off enough to wish I had gotten a prescription.  
I took this video below one day to show how much the boat was moving.  This is our door knocker.  Keep in mind that I completely stopped the sign and just let it pick up speed on it's own.

And here are a few other random photo favs.

So that's it.  As our maitre d' would say, we had "fun fun fun"!

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