Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Potential Roller Coaster

PREFACE/DISCLAIMER:  I reread and tried to edit this post but it is sort of beyond editing, it's insane.  Enjoy.

I have found almost everything humorous today.  I have giggled, chuckled, almost cried laughing at multiple things throughout the day; and if I'm honest this isn't my typical state of being.  I would say today things just happen to be funnier than normal but I don't think that is the case.  I can truly say I am a little worried for tomorrow.  It kind of is like when you know you are "homoronally" pissed and irritable   You know it but it doesn't change the fact that your are still pissed and irritable   Well today I was the opposite of that.  Everything is funny.  Here are some examples.

While reading a blog this ad popped up:

I couldn't stop laughing.  I mean is this using sex to sell or humor???? I mean really?  This is like a cologne ad but the guy is holding salad dressing.  I'm not really dissing it I mean heck I remember it and even paid attention but nevertheless every time I look at it I laugh.


While doing a little internet research at work I ran into this beauty (yeah I research weird stuff sometimes so don't ask how I got here...that's marketing for ya.)

I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!
Here are a couple of my favorite comment responses:
"You should not have to teach cool, and wearing a backpack on one shoulder does not constitute coolness. Try again."
Source(s):My brain.
"cut one off dumbasssss"   (sorry I just couldn't bring myself to edit it)
Well anyway I thought it was ridiculously funny.  I mean someone really asked this question.

And then there was this:
At one of my favorite shopping sites (where I purchased my iphone case) is having free shipping so I thought I would check it out... and found THIS!!! WHICH is AMAZING and I want it... and I couldn't stop chuckling.
Because don't you just seriously feel like this sometimes!  Just say it.  Go on now.  "NOPE."
AHHHHH I love it!

Even this morning, as I was watching the footage of the lady who found her dog mid interview in Oklahoma had me cracking up and really that's inappropriate.  But she said, "I was sitting in the bathroom and ... felt the stool come up".  It's not my fault. That's a funny homonym especially to me since I have never called a toilet a stool.  LOL... oh my!

I'm not just all jokes here I have been praying and feeling weight for the loss suffered in Oklahoma today. I know there has been great pain for so many there. I shared the last example because it epitomizes the manic hilarity I have felt today.

I think those who know me would think it reasonable to say that I'm generally not a silly person but more serious even more Eeyore-ish than even I would like but heck not today... so watch out tomorrow my hormones may be out of control. And what goes up must come down... right. See Eeyore.  heehee

So anyway, this has been my day.  Full of laughs of this I find ridiculous and funny.

One more laugh for good measure:
This sucker literally (and yes I do mean that properly) had me covering my mouth at work to stifle my full on belly laughs.
READ the POST - the whole thing had me cracking up

I hope at least one had you laugh... so I'm not just crazy.

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