Friday, August 16, 2013

5 min Friday - Small...

It's that time again.  Five Minute Friday.  Last week I had a little more to say than 5 minutes of writing so I took a pause to blog about that.



I don't realize how doing the smallest things impact my daily life.  Well I don't realize it until I'm not doing those small things - like putting a dish in the dish washer after eating or throwing a box in the recycling. Those seemingly obvious actions are almost "no brainers" BUT when you don't do them WOW do they add up.  Recently, and let's be honest, for some time I have been stupidly busy.  I mean dumb.  It's my fault of course but when you are so busy that you start the dishwasher on a good day two weeks ago and haven't had any time to unload it for the next two weeks, it's not a pretty sight.  When the dishwasher is loaded with clean dishes you stop doing the small chore of loading up the dirty dishes.  Honestly I guess that's how life is on the whole - if you stop doing the small little things it becomes one be giant mess!  So with that said big changes are in the horizon for me.  And hopefully they mean that I will get myself together and do those seemingly small things that truly have a big impact.



  1. So true! We have to do the small things so they don't add up to big messes. :) Great thoughts here. Blessings to you and your big changes on the way!

  2. I'm so happy you are doing FMF! And I'm excited for your changes! God has so much planned for you, friend!