Friday, August 2, 2013

5 min. Friday - Story



Like every story my story will have a beginning, middle and end.  Now 30 I feel as though I am at the beginning of the middle.  Hopefully that is a good description because I feel as though I am age wise smack in the middle of it.  But accomplishment wise I feel like a newbie.  What story is the middle of my life going to tell?  My plans were to have children.... uhhh and then I didn't really plan much else.  That's a funny thing about my story, probably most all of our stories.  We don't generally plan the way they actually go.

Well now I am 30 and don't have any children, I would like to but God and time will determine that.  I do have decisions to make though.  Decisions I feel that will alter my story and I want that to be for the good.  I have realized my story thus far has been full, riddled, if you will with stress.  I have been a stress ball for as long as I can remember (elementary school) and that's no exaggeration.  My current life is full of stress, I commit too fully and now I want the rest of my story to be of something else.  Not stress.  Faith?  yes  Hope? yes Ministry? yes Family? yes Friends? yes  Designing? yes....

I guess I will have to go back to good ol' moderation!


Something I have learned in my two FMF posts.  I am a SLOW writer.  Sheesh.  Hope I don't ever have a goal of writing a book. :)

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