Friday, May 6, 2011

What in the world is the name of your blog about?

This was the madness behind my brainstorming and picking a name for my blog.  Enjoy.

So I think I decided to start a blog.
What should I name it?

OH NO!  The decision seems like a big one!
Well I already have
I don’t think I want to just use my name because I probably will want to keep it up even when we have kids and what not.

Hmmm something about Ray….
Ray of light?
Ray of the day
AlittlebitofCRay... in your life.  haha
Lifeiscrayz ---- umm I don't like the z... what else

RayCLife … hahaha LOL maybe not
ConfessionsofConstance – whoa that’s long

I like this: ray is distinguished from beam in that it describes a smaller quantity of light (beam being a collection of parallel rays)


So I guess you already knew the punch line since you are reading my blog but I basically decided that this blog is my "ray in the beam of life" and it kind of works out since my last name is Ray.  C of course is for me Constance, Connie, CRay, Coninnator...whatever I go by, whatever you call me.


  1. Connie, i love you! and i totally hear ya on the subject of blog titles :) it took forever for JD and i to decide on our family blog title! i love yours...and your thought process!! looking forward to "following" you, sweet friend!