Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I must admit I feel a little overwhelmed that it is somehow already August.  “Summer” always seems somewhat over once August gets here although the hot temperatures will continue.  In August I start mentally preparing for the holidays.  As I have mentioned before, I don’t do change well so I start mentally preparing early.  I start brainstorming gifts ideas, putting the budget together, worrying about whether or not Phil will have to work on the holiday and not be around (this always annoys me and gear up early)…I’m  not saying this is the most healthy approach to the holidays.

August 24th kicks off the busy season with my Dad’s birthday after that is my “little” sisters on September 4th (she will be 21 this year, CRAZY!!!!) and Boone (my nephew) will be 1 year old this year and so a BIG celebration is in order.  That is also, of course, Labor Day weekend.  Then October is my birthday month and you can’t forget Halloween.  November strikes quickly with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years are always full of parties, family, planning, busy, and that means stress.  Hmm did I just get to the end of the year in a paragraph?  Sheesh.

Before I even get to August 24th I’m headed down to Camp Eagle for a week/weekend of babysitting Boone!  I’m so excited about this I can hardly contain myself.  He is walking now and is full of fun and energy I’m pumped. I’m also going to use this time to help my sweet friend with Hope Mommies.  It is a non-profit organization that I am the Creative Director for.   The ministry serves Mom’s and families who have lost a baby.  We are going to be putting together boxes for hospitals to give out to families experiencing this loss.  I’m so proud of my friend Erin for trusting the Lord and being a faithful follower to work so hard in this ministry, even when she doesn’t feel adequate. I have been so challenged and blessed by her. 

Here is the brochure I designed for Hope Mommies.
More on how I got involved in a later post. 

Stay tune!

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