Monday, September 26, 2011

Adventures in sports and getting old

A few weeks ago a friend invited me to join her and another lady to participate in a 5K Mud Run in Sanger, TX.  I thought it would be fun to do another Mud race since the last one I did was in 2003.
So Saturday was our day!  Our 5K - 18 obstacles - Mud Run started at 9:30am.  So as any good team would do we prepared for the event by making matching outfits which consisted of a bright pink t-shirt and bright pink zebra print bandannas.  We did a bit of brainstorming for what our shirts could say and came up with  Team JAC.  JAC is our first name initials (Juli, Andrea, Constance).  So these are our shirts.
We pretty much had the brightest outfits in our heat so we became known quickly at Team Pink which was fun as the race staff yelled encouragement and cheers as we ran along.  The first obstacle we came across was a giant bail of hay which had to be jumped on top of in order to climb over.  It was pretty high so pretty much we just beached ourselves on it and pulled up the rest of the way.  There was only one bail so everyone had to wait their turn to go which thinned the group out for the rest of the run.  Our third obstacle was our first mud pit which you had to army crawl through! We were instantly mud covered and drenched.  Good times!

The rest of the obstacles pretty much involved climbing over things...
like this... nothing to catch you at the bottom.
Prior to the race I had tweaked both ankles and so I decided that I better get ankle braces for the race, and boy am I glad I did!  It was fairly rough terrain for my weak ankles (we saw a guy with a broken ankle after the race) and so I was glad for the added support.

We finished the race in about 53 mins so under an hour which we were happy with considering all the mud and obstacles.

Final Mud Pit!

Muddy Team JAC!

So that was the race!  So glad I did it.

Then Sunday Phil and I had a soccer game.  He some how convinced me to play in this indoor league - I have no idea what I am doing, but I run around and flail.  This week I made a GOAL!!!!!  But playing soccer has its consequences.  Last Sunday at the soccer game I tweaked my ankles... yes that is both ankles, at separate times during the game but nevertheless both.  Then Tuesday we played a little baseball at the park and I hobbled after the balls in the outfield because actually running was kind of a joke.  So thus ankle braces were required for the Mud Run and then Sunday I had to tape my ankles for the soccer game. But now both knees hurt and I'm really hobbling around like an old woman.  Today (Monday) I don't have ankle bones that are visible I just have cankles :(

So I'm not even 29 yet and today I feel OLD!

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