Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

The List
I decided the other day to reembark on an adventure I haven't participated in since high school; that is, hunting for treasures in thrift stores.  Of course, Pinterest is the culprit behind this long lost desire.  So I decided on Wednesday during my lunch break to take twenty bucks and see what what I could find.  I started my hunt at The Goodwill.  I took with me my list of things to look for so I wouldn't get lost or discouraged -- sometimes the hodgepodge of stuff is overwhelming to my type A personality.  So I headed right in to the housewares area looking for brass candle sticks, mason jars, cool mugs, old chandeliers, etc.

I found a chandelier that would be pretty awesome painted a bright color but I think it is too big for my low ceiling house.  I guess if I was truly committed I could get it and paint it and sell it for a good price, but that sounds like making a hobby a job and I don't think I'm ready for that.  Maybe one day...

Unfortunately... no wait fortunately I got a bit distracted in the dishes area.  I was inspired!  Much of my house is very eclectic well I actually describe it as modern eclectic because I love to mix the modern with the vintage eclectic. But as most engaged couples do we registered for dishes and kitchen ware for our wedding and were blessed by our family and friends to receive plenty.  But it's all the same!  I don't know maybe it just matches too much but I love the idea of mismatched dishes.  So each place setting is unique. So I started gathering dishes that were in my favorite color palette which is greens, browns, and golds.

I also found a few other things I couldn't resist.

Note: the blue one has Ray etched in it!!!!
The clear glass mug I am hoping is actual glass and not pyrex... I don't really know how to tell.  I need to look into that, anyway I really want to etch it.  Here's to hoping!

So The Goodwill was a success... although I didn't find much that was on my original list so I decided since I  still had money from my $20 left over that I would hit one more store.  Hear I found brass candle sticks!  This store had TONS of clothes so I could probably find some good shirts for making skirts or quilts but I was pretty much out of time on my lunch break so I took my candle sticks and went home.

The idea behind the candle sticks is that I paint them... but then I got them home and kind of loved them just as they are - so I don't know if I'm going to paint them or not.

Well I really had a good time and I hope that my hubby isn't too annoyed with the my rekindled hobby and joy of great finds.  Oh I found a large black ceramic vase at a garage sale in my neighborhood today, as  I rode by on my bike, for $3!!! So awesome.  I'll probably re paint that one!

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