Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sun Pictures

I was syncing my phone the other day and in the process decided I should download all of my phone pictures so they would be safe.  I synced them into iPhoto and began sorting them into their proper folders.  As I was doing that I realized a had quite a repetition of photos.

The main categories were:

  • Me (I sort of use it as my mirror)
  • Food I Made
  • Dogs
  • Sun

The category with the overwhelming majority of photos was Sun.  I realized that I take a sun picture about once a day, generally in the morning because my commute is usually around sunrise or just after but sometimes the clouds provide exceptional midday photos that just can't be passed up... if you can get the phone out and app loaded before the moment is gone.

I decided that I should display these images... so here they are:

I made a movie.


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