Friday, January 20, 2012

A mixed bag

I was trying to decide what to talk about today since the norm on Friday's is for me to find my subjects within the fill in the blank questions.  This week, however, no questions were provided as the gal who usually starts the blanks had a baby this week and has been a bit preoccupied with being a new Mommy.  So I thought maybe I would create my own blanks to fill in this week but as I tried to brainstorm a few my thoughts kept circling around what I week this has been.

To start my heart has been aching and praying for several of my friends as they have been in the hospital for different health reasons with their Dad's.
On the opposite side one friends found out she is pregnant and another friend had her baby this week.  Doesn't life always seem to circle this way.  Just when your shouldering the weight of burdens for one you are rejoicing in celebration with another. Sometimes the emotional roller coaster is too much for me though.  Not for any particular reason but I think simply because it is hard for me to wrap my mind around it.

Work has been ridiculously busy and emotionally and physically draining this week leaving me exhausted every day but every evening this week I've come home to fun plans with friends and wonderful fellowship that is rejuvenating (except that I've been staying up way too late - but never mind that).

It's the juxtaposition that gets me. And that I am thankful for.

So here are the questions after all:

Two goals I have for the weekend are enjoy the nice weather we are supposed to have and try to cut my glass bottles with fire and water!

Something from this week that was surprising seeing my brother as the "poster boy" (though he said I was to call him the Posterman like Superman) for a rock climbing FB page. The profile pic is my brother.

ummm well those are all the questions I can think of right now... I'm not very good at coming up with these kind of questions.  So if you can think of a question for me that you want answered leave a comment! :)

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