Friday, October 12, 2012

Yesterday was 10-11-12... Just sayin'.

My favorite flower is I don't have a favorite flower I don't think.  Any flowers given to me I love including potted.  Succulents I think are beautiful, I really like babies breath cause it looks the same alive and dried.  Oh I do have a least favorite flower.   Oriental Lily.  Yeah they are pretty but the pollen is messy and I think the smell of the flowers is terrible.
Most recent favorite flowers...Phil had them delivered to work.  Sigh. Swoon!

Officially my least favorite flower.
You should never talk about probably politics is the most honestly true topic I shouldn't talk about.  It is just a spiral.  Seriously though I think it is a spiral for everyone.  Everyone thinks they have the answer when I think that no one has the answer.  It's maddening.  I really shouldn't talk about it.

My favorite discovery as of late is eye-liner.  :)  I never wear eye-liner - well very rarely and I think it will be a fun makeup addition and adventure. Maybe I'll do "a-whole-nother" post on this. 
Green - Top only...What do you think?
Brown - top and bottom... What do you think?

This fall you will probably find me wearing my new ankle boots that I mentioned previously.  My new red jeans!  Leggings!  BOOTS, I love boots!

I wish I were oh man this is loaded.  Sheesh.  I wish that I didn't have a thousand answers to this question.  Being content is so hard to be.  I am so tempted to not reveal any of my wishes but I guess that wouldn't be playing fair.  So here are a few.
  • About to turn 24 not 30
  • Pregnant - kind of anyway - I go back and forth on this one.
  • 5' 7".... or maybe 5"1"... LOL I know.
  • An amazing Illustrator - oh to be able to just draw something without a thought
  • More compassionate and meek. 
  • Prettier - every girl wishes that I know - no matter how pretty they are.
  • more light-hearted
  • self employed - being my own boss would ROCK (I do have a really nice boss now so no offense to him)

My favorite TV show currently is Modern Family.  That show seriously cracks me up!  It is so hilarious - outright and subtly.  

This weekend I want to finished my shower curtain project.  I am so antsy to finish it so I can post about it.

Well that's all for now!  TTYL.

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