Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Birthday month!!!

Welcome to October.  Funny thing is ... wait what's the funny thing?  Oh I don't know.  I don't even really like celebrating my birthday once it gets here but I love talking about it and planning an event.  I think birthdays should be a day you get to plan something super fun to do but it isn't about you it's just your day.  I think that doesn't really make sense.  Well that doesn't surprise me; my head is everywhere recently.

Did I mention this birthday will officially make me 30!!!  Yeah for real 30!  Ummm I want to be okay with that and I know everyone will tell me reasons why I should be but today I'm feeling....overwhelmed by it.  Kind of like what have these 30 years accomplished? Have I done anything that matters?  Have I brought glory to God at all?  Man it's easy for insecurity to creep in on me in October.  It's a weak month for me for sure.  Also, giving up life hopes (little "h") and expectations are not easy even when your head knows truth the heart can be slow to catch up.

So that was a super happy way to start the week.

Anyway, I just recently finished listening to Gone with the Wind (49 hours) of audio listening... and I loved it!

Not that everyone has time to listen to/read such a long book but it is totally worth it if you have never read it.  Now I am reading the sequel to GWTW, it's called Scarlett.... did you even know such a thing existed well I somehow grew up not knowing this and just for the record Scarlett should be considered mandatory reading along with GWTW.  I sort of feel like I have learned some life lessons from Scarlett O'Hara through this literary adventure.  I'm going to work on putting my thoughts on this together and I'll get back to you (here is the follow up post) cause I'm not quite there yet.

Well I did get a few fall decoration set up and I got the cutest little birdie from Joann's the other day for $1!

Isn't it adorable!?!

I might just kind of like birds ;)  

Speaking of birds did I tell you about the Hawk that has taken over our backyard as a hunting ground?  Well he has which is pretty awesome to watch but also sad to see other birds become lunch.  I posted pics on him on Facebook but let's relive it shall we. 

And there you have it.

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