Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I thought I had a relaxing Saturday of nothing to do and completely open for my choosing but as it turned out it ended up I scheduled it into being a very busy day.

First, drum roll please.... I started the 24 day challenge cleanse.  Yay!
Then I went and met my Dad at Starbucks (my vice in the cleanse) to order and finalize the details of Leah's Wedding invitations. :)  Getting excited!

Then I headed toward the salon to get my locks trimmed up. And I headed home to grab my gear and sub in a soccer game for the Saturday team.

That evening I got to babysit  our friend's sweet girl, miss Lyla.  She has changed so much in just a few days that I hadn't seen her I was amazed at how quickly she could pull her self up to stand.  And she wasn't scared of the dogs when they came up to her which was new and pretty fun.
I call this pic. "The Stare Down"
Lyla and Arden have a funny relationship.  She is timid of him and he wants to play but then the moment she stares at him he becomes all timid and starts to whine.  Very funny to watch.

Sunday I new was going to be a busy day, I of course woke up with a tremendous headache that I'm not quite sure what to attribute it to but it nagged all day. But I was schedule for a 8:30am engagement photo shoot. That is a story all in itself, but the shoot went great and I am very excited to edit the photos.  Then it was off to Target to pick up some veggies, a b-day present and some converse tennies. :)  more on that another day Then I went to Miss Hope's 1 year birthday party!  I can't believe she is one!  I had to leave a little early cause my headache was pounding and I needed to rest a few minutes as I had a soccer game that evening. It was a good thing I took a little rest because I was the only girl to play on our team for the first 15 minutes and then one other girl showed up which didn't give me any rest for the game but at least we had a full team on the field. Anyway, enough of the run down...on to...  the...


My pic of the day for Saturday was supposed to be Empty themed.  I guess I'm reaching a little here but I am using this pic from Saturday because the car seat is empty and Lyla petting Buster is so cute!  They got along great and Buster just followed her around watching everything she did.  He is very protective of her.


SUNDAY, June 3 (sort of)
This is actually my Monday night dinner but I forgot to take an On My Plate photo on Sunday.  Plus this is far more interesting then anything I ate on Sunday.  This is Spaghetti Squash with Salmon, Squash and Tomatoes.  Super good - cleanse approved.  Yeah I don't normally use the extra squash as it is over kill but my zucchini had gone bad and I needed a little extra filler.

MONDAY, June 4 (sort of)
This picture I actually took Sunday.  But since I am flipping my days I thought it was perfect for Close Up day.  This is the sweet little girl whose birthday party I attended Sunday afternoon.  I took these photos of her for her 1 year portraits and her parents framed them so beautifully I was so proud to see it.  I just love all the close ups of her.

well that's it for now.

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