Friday, June 15, 2012

Who done it?

Today's Fill in the Blank question is:
It seems as though most of the linked up bloggers and Lauren herself have taken this question with an imaginative grain.  Which leads me to wonder do people not have dinner parties any more?  Well the hubs and I love to host people at our house and dinner parties are indeed something we are known to do.  So this question isn't really a matter of if but when or what should be next.  SO  I'm changing the would(s) to will(s).

I will invite.... those who would participate and play their parts well :)  Or those I could harass into obliging me... heehee. 8ish people!

The theme will be.... murder mystery!  Have you ever participated in one of these evenings?  They are fab!  I think I would go with this one.  And so it would be a western party!!!  That's pretty easy and cheap for costume ideas since we live in Texas which is nice cause people don't really like to spend money on costumes unless it is Halloween or there a bouts.

I will host it.... on a Saturday, at my house. Which I love to transform for parties.  I think I do actually have some friends that have not ever seen my house the "normal" way.  It is always transformed for a party of event when they come over, like this.

We will eat.... I think right now brisket sounds pretty good with sausage links, corn on the cob, biscuits, mashed potatoes and Texas tea.  The party kit I would buy for the script and what not actually comes with recommended recipes so I would have to see what they say. :)

It will look like.... a saloon or western somehow.
At some point saloon doors will be involved...maybe a photo booth.

Okay well maybe one day I'll get around to this party.  It sounds like fun to me.

In other news... I have been working on a website for my work.  An actual website!  Woohoo.  More about that another day.

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