Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June!

Honestly not sure how it is June, I feel like this summer just snuck up on me. I just love summer, I've probably mentioned this before but it is so true.  Long days of sun, cool (well not hot anyway and definitely not the kind of cool that gives me goosies and ruins the mood) mornings, warm (okay HOT - but I don't mind) afternoons.  Sun, pools, parties, sun... did I already mention that?  The sun is just such a happy thing, just a little sun on my skin and I instantly feel a little better.

Well today is Friday and normally I would Fill-in-the-Blanks but as it happens the girl I linked up with on this Friday tradition is thinking it's time for a Friday revamp and is considering ending the weekly questions.  And seeing as how I am no good at coming up with random questions I probably won't be able to continue alone.  But I really like the weekly challenge the questions presented and the commitment to post at least once weekly is another perk. So I have got to figure something out.

A couple thoughts I have brewing are:

  • What's Cooking Wednesday (Featuring a new fun recipe that I love or want to try and love)
  • Foto Fun Friday (Featuring a conceptual picture from my week - that is one photo that summaries my whole week in some way)
  • Work It Wednesday (Featuring what I am "working" on... it might be a craft, it might be a diet, it might be a work out routine, freelance project, it might be a book I'm reading or a verse I'm memorizing but the kicker here is I would really like to know what others are "working" on)

What's your vote?  Any suggestions appreciated!

Since I haven't yet decided what to do specifically I found that Instagram is have a photo-a-day challenge so I thought for June I would join in (although it's TBA if I'll get an Instagram account.  For now I'll just post them here).
So here is the line up:

Here is my Photo for Today:

My morning view at work: "Good Morning" coffee mug and pear for a morning snack in front of my computer.

And that's it for now.  I know yesterday I promised to tell more about my crazy week but I'm just not in the mood... or something.

Happy Friday, hope you have a great day!

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