Friday, June 22, 2012

Fill it in....Summer Fun.

Time to fill it in.  And today's prompt is:
Write about anything...
Oh boy!  Well I love summer. Texas summer's are hot and humid and get a terrible wrap but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Sure being hot and sweaty can be annoying when the sun is blazing down mid-afternoon but if you are at the pool you don't mind.  And I love the mornings and evenings so perfect.  Not a goose bump to be had which means it is perfect.

Here are a few things I love to do in Summer:
Shakespeare in the Park
Dallas Summer Musicals
Laying out at the pool
Being on the lake
Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary

So beyond filling in the blanks it's time for a little update:  A few months back I blogged about being name EOY and the dilemma of choosing an outfit for my portrait.  Well the results are in.  I'm officially on the wall for better or worse.

So the biggest downside is that the background is dark and my hair blends in along with my sweater.  I tried to convince them to use the lighter background but HR was determined it HAD to be dark grey... even though they didn't use that "religiously" in the past.  WHATEVER.


  1. Haha- I just realized that it posted my comment as C-Ray, which probably makes no sense to you. This is Courtney, but my pre-marriage nickname was C-Ray and I guess that is still on my account. Perhaps I feel a special affinity for you blog due to your choice of name. :)

  2. Thanks Courtney! I was a bit confused as it sort of looked like I just complimented myself :) But I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog; C-Ray has been a wonderful nickname to have and so fun to blog under.

  3. love! and you look fine. beautiful as always!! xo's