Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Sigh!

Back in April I blogged about my excitement for Phil graduating PA school and then, of course, he ended up breaking his wrist which delayed his graduation by a month which at the time, and perhaps even still today, seemed like the cruelest of jokes....maybe even jokes is the wrong word.  It just seemed cruel.  So CLOSE and then delayed.... but the month passed and he officially graduated, got his Master's diploma and yet we still didn't feel as though it was complete.

The lingering detail was the all important National Certification Examination that he had to pass in order to be certified...aka get a job. So studying commenced with the fury that I had almost forgotten from semesters of yore. A few of our close friends learned the hard way just exactly what that meant... Phil disappeared.  He was no fun, not up for anything but studying so don't ask. He practiced exam questions, learned his weakest areas and focused in to learn them well and he was diligent.  And then a almost a week ago he took the 5 hour exam.  Results are supposed to come in about 14 days so after the exam was over there was no relief.  No matter how well you are prepared for a huge test you can never walk away 100% positive you succeeded.  Naturally you only really remember the questions you mulled over and debated, which are generally the ones you would miss.  So we waited

If you have never waited to find out something that will change your life forever then you may not be able to grasp the anguish of waiting.  The what ifs, the internal turmoil that you can't even bring yourself to verbalize, the holding of your breath (and in moments this is literal), the restless sleep, and ultimately the wrestling with trusting God to have Hope in something that is far greater than what you are waiting on - GREATER than the life altering results you can hardly stand to find out and truly knowing that no matter the results you know that you go before the Lord as his humble child.

Well unexpectedly this morning Phil received that results of the PANCE exam and he PASSED!!!!!!  Oh there are no enough exclamation marks for the thrill.  And inevitably people say, "we knew he would pass", because of course we had all seen him work so hard and study so well.  But really do we know anything?  I believed that he could pass but I am not fool enough to simply assume it would be.  Just as I preemptively blogged the excitement of his graduation and then had it postponed I was not going to be as precocious as to think passing was somehow deserved.  Maybe it is just that I'm a glass half empty type of gal but that's just how I look at it.  Anyway it doesn't matter...he is officially Phil Ray, PA-C!  wooohooo!!!!

now of course he NEEDS a job... but that will happen soon enough.  Today we celebrate!

Oh and Saturday is our 5 year anniversary so lots of days of celebrating to be had!

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