Monday, July 2, 2012

Well Color Me...

Today's prompt is: 

Color is for sure one of my favorite topics, as most all of you probably already know.  So today's prompt is great for me... BUT I was WAY too busy to blog the other day so now it's Monday and I have set out to finish it.  I have few little things that I want to share so I'm going to manipulate this color theme into working through my bits of things to share.

The sweetest lil' puppy (Bailey) got to stay at our house this weekend along with her parents as they were seeking refuge from the heat that had captured their AC unit and rendered it useless.
Sad for them; a BLAST for the pups who now have a new BFF.
She and Arden romped around until they drove everyone crazy!
This is us sun bathing.  haha she is the sweetest!!!

Also, I wanted to share the adorable engagement pics I got to take of my sister and her fiance!   Their wedding is quickly approaching and I'm so excited for them!  So this is going to go under.... 

Next up... GREEN
Caterpillar sushi roll... I thought it was so cute!

Okay I guess that's it for now.
Hope everyone has a fun and safe week
celebrating the red, white and blue!

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