Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too busy to blog...sheesh

I have been too busy to blog... I've been so crazy I feel like my head is going to spin right off. So here is a quick recap.... cause truthfully I'm still to busy to blog but I just need a moment for me and to vent I guess.

Oh and before I vent too much let me just say all of my busyness is from blessings in my life which I completely acknowledge and I am grateful for... I'm just .... um busy.

So first of all, I have this really big cool project for my freelance business... it's due soon and there is a lot of crazy stuff left to get it all done so every spare moment I am pretty much working on it.

Second, my sister is about to get married and there has been lot of fun festivities and planning/work. I'm so excited for my sister and so pleased to be able to help out (helping is one of my love languages so it's good for me to feel/be helpful) So I have designed 2 bridal shower invitations, her wedding invites, programs, guest book thingy (I'll blog about it one day), collected logs from the side of the road for decor, spray painted bottles, engagement photos, Bridal portraits, gone to Houston for a shower, and last weekend we had a lingerie/bachlorette party and a local bridal shower....phew! (After the wedding  I'll post all the fun creations)
Here are the spray painted bottles to tied you over.  Cool huh!?!
Then there has been a slew of babies to celebrate and I have decided that making gifts is more fun than buying them (glutton for punishment) so I have made taggie letter toy things, burp clothes, onsies, bow ties (of course) and I haven't delivered half of what I need to nor have I made all the fun presents for the showers I have coming up.

"M taggie toy" for my neighbors new little girl!
Last week we moved my crafting stuff outside into "manland" so I have a better working area!  It's so awesome.  I don't think Phil is thrilled with the end result but he really isn't out there too often and I'll clean up when he wants to have the guys out there.  I still need baskets for my cubbies  so I'll post real room pics once I get those.
Yes I've left all the "manland" decor up... but I have a cutting area, sewing area, ironing area now!!!
Our friend Ray had his birthday party at our house Saturday evening!

Complete with bounce house obstacle course. 
Ray and his niece.
THE CAKE - from Society bakery.  A M A Z I N G ! ! !
Ray and his girlfriend Stephanie... aren't they so cute!
I'm still trying to lose more weight.  I have lost 6lbs and really want to loose 6 more but I have to keep working out for that too happen which is really hard to do when you are busy but I have made it a few days so I guess that's better than no days.  It helps that in the last few pics that have been taken of me people continually to tell me I look thinner.... that's good motivation to keep going.
My SIL, on the far right, is prego with her second (So excited for another nephew) and isn't she adorable in the cowgirl getup!  She's a Nebraska gal so boots and big belts aren't exactly her style ;)
Did I mention I was rear ended Friday evening... I wasn't hurt but my car needs some repair... oh and I found out today that the guy to hit me is officially considered uninsured.  UGH... really?!? ... so annoying especially since I really didn't do anything wrong... I didn't stop suddenly or anything he just wasn't paying attention. But I guess that's Texas driving for ya.

Oh and did I ever celebrate via blogging that Phil got a job!!!! seriously!  
He doesn't start until September but he is in the process of getting everything set up so he can start!  So exciting and I'm so proud of him.  Yay for being totally done with school, PANCE passed, job acquired!!!  
Not a great pic but here is Phil's wall of Fame! And there are more certificates to hang.

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