Thursday, August 16, 2012

Employee Review/Self Assessment

Yesterday at work was my annual review.  I generally don't think about reviews at work I suppose mostly because we don't have them very often.

So when I received word that my review was this week I thought, "hmmm where are those 'notes' I was supposed to take throughout the year?" These 'notes' are so that when my review comes about I will be able to remember concerns, struggles, etc. that I experienced throughout the year.

Apparently I'm terrible at self assessing.  And apparently I am terrible at having self goals at work.  Is it wrong for my goal to be, "accomplish all that needs accomplishing"... maybe that's like a motto and not a goal but that is how I feel I operate at work.  I don't have time most of the time to stretch myself beyond what needs to be done.  But often what needs to be done requires stretching and learning BUT that doesn't mean I planned for it. So I'm supposed to have all these MFR's (measurements for results) and what not but I guess I don't.

In preparation for this review I am supposed to fill out a form with basic questions:
What are your strengths
Where do you need improvement
What areas do you need more support in
Have you met your goals from last year
Where are you in your Career Development Plan


uhhh duhhh I just stare at the stupid thing dumbfounded with no cognitive thought at all.  I'm blank.  Seriously, how is it that I can't think of a single thing to write?

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