Monday, August 20, 2012

oh so crafty.

As you probably know I have been busy which means I haven't had time to do anything other than what needs to be done.  Well this weekend I didn't have much on the calendar as far as events or responsibilities so I decided I wasn't going to do anything!  Interpreted for clarification that means I had time to CRAFT!  Saturday I slept in until 11:15am WHAT!!!!  Crazy.  I was a little upset with myself honestly because I was wasting my day of nothing -- sleeping.  It's ironic - I know.  But once I got myself going I headed out to "maftland" (man land/craft land) and started working on a few projects.

I decided I wanted to learn more about the things my sewing machine is capable of so I pulled out the manual and got to experimenting.  I posted my first attempt at applique on FB cause I thought it was just so cute.  Here it is again:

I put it on a cloth diaper so it could be a cute... um burp rag... I guess.  haha
Even though I made it a burp rag I think it is going to stay in craft land, and not be gifted away, for project needs.  You always need a spare cloth when crafting and I used it a lot when creating this applique because I used stitch witchery to tack it in place before sewing.  I'll just have to make another for a gift if I get good enough to make it gift worthy.

I have loved ruffles for a long time now and I have been fairly intimidated to tackle any of my many pins on Pinterest that involved ruffles just because I haven't made very many so I decided while I was practicing my sewing I should work on my ruffles.  I found a kitchen towel that a friend gave to to craft with and some cute fabric that would match mt kitchen and got busy.  Here is what I ended up making.

The towel on the right I made a while back and now with the added towel on the left I am just so pleased with my little display.

I also finally got around to decorating an "R" I bought awhile back.  I modge podged some cute scrapbook paper on and roughed up the edges with a dull exacto knife added the embellishment and hot glued magnets to the back.

 Now I have the cutest fridge decor!
I'm still debating as to whether or not to add a clothes pin to it so it will be a bit more practical but for now I'm just enjoying it as a non functional piece of decor.

Speaking of debating... when crafting I often find myself torn when trying to "commit" to a design.  I don't want to mess it up and ruin something that I feel like there is so much potential for me to love.
Does anyone else ever feel this way?

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  1. Super cute! I need to have a craft day soon. I have a lot of projects in mind.