Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Fill(ed) in the Blank Friday!

I'm actually on time this week so that's a plus! I've had a pretty good week.  One of the highlights has been editing photos from this past weekend.  Here are a couple for a little sneak peak.

Fill in the Blank Friday!

  • A nervous habit I have is yawning.  I don't know why but I perceptually yawn when I get nervous.  It's funny cause I think it makes me look bored or calm when I'm really freaking out inside.... on a side note just writing the word yawn has made me yawn twice while writing this sentence.
  • Something that makes me sad is well this is random and a mostly unimportant thought but it made me actually sad the other day was thinking that my kids will probably not remember Buster or Arden... they will be too small before our pups die to be remembered by our someday kiddos but maybe Buster will surprise me at live 13 years.
  • My little family.
  • Today I am thankful for modern medicine like Advil... my head has been killing me and I'm thankful for drugs that make me most comfortable.
  • My favorite room in my house is  the living room.  It isn't very big but it's cozy.

  • Home Sweet Home
  • I can't stand smacking.  It makes me a mean person.  I think it is rude and obnoxious!
  • If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would probably a pair of jeans  and if I have money left over a pair of boots.
  • The last person I hung out with was my hubby Phil.  We watched Water for Elephants last night!  Of course the book is better.  Before we hung out though I had dinner with my parents at my Grandma's assisted living facility.
Me and Grandma.  I kind of look like a giant here but oh well.

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