Thursday, November 24, 2011


I sort of realized over the past week that when people post what they are thankful for on Facebook throughout November and on Thanksgiving Day specifically I often skim over them with a quick glance barely stopping to read.  I mostly know what it's going to say.
They are thankful for their family and/or friends!

I hate to be caviler about what a wonderful blessing family and friends are - I mean they generally walk with you throughout the ups and downs of life and when they are good they are a HUGE blessing.  And yet I skim over those "shout outs" of thanksgiving with a mere shrug.

Today as we drove home from a fun day celebrating Thanksgiving (which of course really means EATING tons of food) with my family I thought about how thankful I was that Phil was a part of the day.  For months I had been preparing my heart and accepting that he would probably be working and not be with my family for Thanksgiving day.  I had presented my heart's desire of Phil to be at Thanksgiving before the Lord several months earlier but I also let it go knowing that it was out of my control and spending time worrying and contemplating it wouldn't do any good.  Last week we found out that several of Phil's classmates recommended that he shadow a particular doctor because he had a "less" rigorous schedule since Phil is married and lives much further than most of the other students who would be doing the same rotation.  Such a small gesture on their part to consider not only Phil but me in that recommendation.  For that I am thankful!

Just look at that FACE! He cracks me up.  Here he is growling!

Sleepy boy having fun with Uncle Phil!

Sometimes you just need to hug a teddy bear.

Boone got Christmas presents... he loved them!

As probably most of you know, I struggle with anxiety; which I mentioned in a previous post, it is generally heightened over the holidays.  The busyness, the stress of gifts, expectations, etc. all add up to be overwhelming from August -January.  This year in particular I was quite worried about Christmas gifts and who was spending what time - where.  Some how, I'm guessing God's grace, it worked out that my family decided not to exchange gifts and to be in our own locations on that day.  We didn't have to make a Christmas day celebration happen together on THE DAY!  The stress has been lifted.  I am already enjoying this holiday season far more than I have in many years.  And for that I am thankful!

Those are my two quick thoughts of what I am thankful for today.  There is so much more than these that I am truly thankful for but I just wanted to share my specific blessings with you right now.

I hope each of you have had a wonderful time stepping away from the everyday grind to gather with family and friends and remember how blessed we are.

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