Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workplace Evil

I've been making a list for a while of things people do in the work place that should never be done in the work place.  So as you can image I have actually observed these things happening.  And while most of my friends (therefore probably readers) are SAHM (Stay at Home Mommies) and deal with grosser things I hope they and anyone reading this will at least appreciate/relate to one of these ridiculous behaviors from adults.

  • Clipping Nails - Seriously gross! We know you don't catch and throw away every nail... I try at home and I can't even do that.  We hear each clip it is a very distinct noise! And when I used to clean offices and found nail clippings when dusting it made me want to vomit in their chair and leave it! Okay I know that's a bit dramatic but for anyone who used to be a fan of Ally McBeal I hope you can understand the drama.
  • Talking on the cell phone right outside someone's cubicle  - No one cares how bad the "cell service" is inside the building or what the weather is like take your personal calls outside or into the break room.  We don't want to know all your business and it's hard to think when you are gabbing away on the other side of the wall.  Hey did we mention it's a CLOTH wall!  GO AWAY!
  • Snorting your nose - If you need to blow your nose get a tissue or TP in the bathroom.  Please stop corralling all your phlegm for me to hear.  It's disgusting and make me want to hit you right in the nose.  We are not in the baseball field where hocking a loogie is accepted.  This is work.... and BTW what do you do with it once it's "corralled"?  I don't hear you spit...uh never mind.
  • Yelling at your spouse on the phone - This is so tacky.  Don't do this, even if they are your soon to be Ex-Spouse.  If we are looking for a reason to hate you this will easily provide the material.  Nothing worse than a superior, whom you are supposed to respect, behaving to the person they are supposed to love the most like a selfish adolescent.  I mean it happens to the best of us but it doesn't need to be on display at work.  Go to your car or something! 

  • Patting on the shoulder - People don't like to be touched.  We don't feel better about ourselves because you grabbed our shoulder. It is demeaning - It can be intimidating - It is awkward - It is unnecessary.  Please don't.  To anyone - male or female.

Well that's it for the moment.  :)  


  1. Well, two of those on your list have happened at my work place too...I also have 1. Don't greet your subordinate by saying "hey hoe." Rude and disrespectful. 2. If you use dishes, bowls, etc. you should wash them afterwords. Don't leave them in the sink for a week. This ain't your house.

  2. Oh my if my coworkers left dishes in the sick all week I would post a sign over the sink. When I cleaned offices there used to be a sign over their sink that said. "Don't spit your chew in the sink, it isn't your spit can." Ummm gross!!! That is just crazy!... and "hey hoe" would probably have me in HR filing a report.