Friday, March 9, 2012

Making a House a Home

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!  Not having a weekend last week has been a little overwhelming as I have tried to resume "normal life", the last three days being back home, but without the weekend my house is a mess and dusty, the refrigerator is empty, the dishes are piled up and I feel all out of sorts.

This Friday's questions are all about home decor.  I did a little of this a few weeks ago but I can never get enough interior design!   Funny fact:  When I was in high school (I think)  my Mom and I went to a Haverty's design center and took a couple week course on interior design!  It was a really fun experience and something I'm so glad I got to do with my Mom.

My favorite room in my home is the dining room area  because it is a multi-functional room that can be easily transformed for large group or parties it is open to the kitchen and back patio.

My current decor style is transitional  but I wish it were more vintage.
Love the bright fabrics and patterns mixed.  I need to be more experimental with fabrics.

Like the green chalkboard cabinet doors!

I wish I could redecorate the office in my house to make it more artsy and clean and functional. It is for sure one of my problem rooms because it has some of the greatest use and purpose in our house.  It is quite possibly the room we spend the most time in and both Phil and I usually have two computers each, our own work stations, it is also my craft room and Phil's main study area.

I think I really need to get some storage up high.
Love the glass work area.
Really want a high craft and cutting area. Love the cubbies too.
My dream house absolutely has to have a wrap around porch or at least a giant front and back porch.

One house item I am willing to splurge on is a couch.  I am pretty picky about the fabric and style of a couch so I am willing to pay to get what I want.  Also I guess you could say flooring.  I love our wood look laminate and our FLOR rugs!  

A decor trend that I just don't "get" is wicker furniture. ;)  I know random but I am pretty open to most design trends and styles because I can appreciate aspects of it.  But when it come to wicker I just don't get it.

Nope not inviting - not cute -  no matter what color.
I mean seriously ruin a perfectly good porch.
Lamp lighting  is a little touch that makes my house feel like home   I prefer a whole bunch of lamps to light a room rather than a single overhead light. (Plus it is much more flattering to people)        

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.   Keep Creating!

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