Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graduation Weekend

I didn't have time to get my post for Friday finished as I was busy cleaning my house and prepping for Phil's graduation but I started it so I thought I would finish it up and add an update for the weekend.
This past Friday's questions were mostly centered around celebration which I thought was uber appropriate.

Graduation  is good cause to celebrate. We are very excited about this weekend.

True friends are a blessing.

Something that makes me terribly happy is completing something.  I love feeling accomplished. (See my reburb project post!)  Also, getting through PA school is a humongous accomplishment for us that is a terribly happy occasion.

My favorite celebratory food is...I don't really know the answer to this question so I just thought I would show you want I made for the party.

Graduation caps!!! Aren't they cute!  These are the ones I saw on Pinterest.

These are the ones I made.
Saturday morning before we left for graduation Phil surprised me with a very special gift.

A RING!!!!
It is just exactly what I have always wanted!!! Thin diamond encrusted bands with the most beautiful solitaire perched on top!  I'm pretty sure I can't convey all my thoughts and emotions toward this present. First of all I know it is a very selfless gift for him to get me because he doesn't benefit from it (which I guess sounds weird) but generally when we buy each other large presents (expensive) it is something that both of us enjoy like rugs/furniture for the house or a TV or vacation or computer but this - this is for me. A thank you - an I love you - a we made it!!!!

And we did make it, through the hardships and stress of school we have grown individually and together.  
Check out Phil in his masters hood and gown!  I'm so proud.

Me with my Mr. Master Phil Ray, PA!!!!

After graduation we had a party at our house and we were surrounded by friends and family, it was a wonderful time of fellowship.  We are blessed.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well - this one is at the top of my best weekends list!

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