Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Friday It's Friday!!!

The best surprise ever would be, at this point in my life it would probably be to find out I'm pregnant.  I think even if you are planning and trying to actually find out that something has been created in your body has to be the craziest most awesome surprise ever!

When Phil proposed to me is my most favorite memory. I was very surprised - there are so many special things about that weekend that when I remember them I get very sappy. :)  One of the main things from his proposal that has always stuck out in my mind is that he told me he loved me and then asked me if I would feed his sheep.  I'm not exactly sure how but in that moment I knew what he was asking me (before he pulled out the ring).  I knew he was asking me if I loved him - if I loved him more than any other on earth and if I would be faithful to him only.  He asked me three times just as Jesus asked Simon Peter three times if he loved him. (John 21: 15-19)  Jesus then commanded him to feed His sheep. Don't be confused he wasn't asking me to love him above the Lord he was simply asking if I would be faithful to him, raise children with him, walk through the trials of life with him until death do we part.

This is a pic from our trip back to where he proposed.  
The hardest, but most worthwhile thing I've ever done was probably my college degree.  I think it was 4 years of pain staking brutal torture.  I NEVER slept, I always had a major project due, I had to put all my work up on the wall to be critiqued my fellow classmates and professors almost every day - and no - you weren't getting compliments...  You know you have a stressful program when you threaten your roommates that if they go in the kitchen and ruin your print out that you are mounting to a board you will actually kill them.  :)  Sorry Beechwood Babes!

The best part of my day is... well .... all I can think of is going to bed.  That sounds so sad.  But I love going to bed; just to lay down and relax from all the stress, obligations, responsibilities, tasks - to know the day is complete and it's the best when it was a productive day.
Something I like that most people don't is listening to a song on repeat.  Whatever song is on my mind or in my heart I like to listen to over and over until I'm sure it would drive most people crazy.

Something I am willing to fight for is me, I guess.  As selfish as that is.

Something you might not know about me is I'm very competitive. But being competitive is actually very taxing on me so I like to pretend that I'm not.  I stray away from competitions, I don't like to play games, I don't like to know who is better or faster or more in shape.  I'm too hard on myself - cause someone is always better, prettier, skinnier, more talented, more fun, less stressed, funnier, more committed, better.

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  1. I am totally the last one too!!! which makes me a little controlling.