Monday, May 21, 2012

My Refurb Project

A few months ago I mentioned on my Facebook wall finding a treasure on the side of the road in my neighborhood.  Much to my hubbies chagrin I coerced him to help me retrieve it and I have had a little project to work on ever since.
I wanted to refurbish it and paint it a bring color since I have never had a single brightly painted piece of furniture I thought a free side-of-the-road find would be the perfect medium.

I'm not really sure what you call this particular piece; it is sort of a mini armoire with a top cabinet part and two bottom dresser drawers.

Before Pictures:

My Inspiration and Idea:

So don't freak out... this isn't any sort of announcement or anything I am simply a planner and dreamer... that gets me in trouble sometimes but like I always say I like to "keep this real" here and so it's probably no surprise that I have been dreaming of a nursery.  So this refurb project is filed in "one day" nursery planning. Of course this piece can be used for whatever but I specifically have a nursery in mind when picking the color.  So bare with me dreaming

love.  isn't it adorable!?!
Color scheme I want to use... not the pattern (not that I don't like the pattern)
 As a side note to this color scheme I just want to add my comment that I love that it is the primary colors with a sophisticated twist.  Anyone who has seen my house knows that I lean toward the muted side of colors when it comes to decorating my house.  I love the warm feel muted colors give and the soothing environment is just what I need when I'm at home.  But as for a baby I didn't want too lean too much toward the muted side as babies need lots of big color to look at so I think this color scheme is a nice compromise. :)... you like how I compromised with myself?  haha

And another fav!

And the After Pictures:

I am so thrilled with how it turned out!  I can't wait to really have a place for it to be used and useful.

The process of refurbishing it was pretty straight forward.  I removed all the hardware, sanded it all down (inside and out), filled in extra drawer holes with wood filler and sanded that flush, primed it (I did a pretty think priming job and throughly coated all over it), the painted.  I wanted to keep the hinges so I got steel brushes and removed all the loose debri and rust and spray painted them glossy white.  I then found simple white pull knobs from home depot for $2 each.

and in case you are wondering what color I used - as has been requested by a few folks.
It's called Solar Fusion.

This sums it up nicely!


  1. looking at your post again just because i love that dresser so much!!! serioiusly, Connie, it's a problem ;)

  2. I love it too! I can't wait for it to actually "go" with the room it is in.