Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Portrait...what to wear.

Next Monday I have to endure a Sears portrait session so my face can be officially nailed to the wall for the remainder of the year.  That's what happens at my work when you are name Employee of the Year.  Thankfully there are technically two EOY and a Team of the Year as well so I won't be going on this humiliating trip alone.  But what is worse than having the picture taken...is knowing that it will be on the "Hall of Fame" for everyone to walk by all year.  YIKES!  I just know I'm going to hate the photo which is disheartening since it will be in plain sight.  I really wish that I could at least get to photoshop it first - cause you know Sears isn't going to.  They are sure to capture every flaw I know of, the ones I don't, and probably invent a few just to keep us EOYs humble.  That is what this is all about you know.  :)  Taking the worst photo possible and displaying it for all your coworkers to see so that you are kept humble throughout your "rein".  haha.  Well that's my theory anyway.  So all of this leads me to panic and the thought of deciding what to wear.

I of course did some good ol' Google research on tips and basically just got the general tips:

  • Don't wear white or beige
  • No big patterns
  • Not bright red.
  • Wear hints of color
  • Clean lines not big patterns
  • Simple jewelry (pearl necklace recommended... I'm thinking no!)
  • Black but not all black
  • Well fitting clothes
  • Makeup to enhance eyes but with only neutral tones
  • Hair calm lightly pulled back or straight down
  • No collar - since the verdict is out on the best way to wear them

My biggest dilemma is that I don't work for a law firm, I'm not a manager (actually I'm pretty much a glorified peon) and we wear jeans to work; so all this to say a suit or all dark muted colors seems pretentious so I think I should wear something equivalent to business casual ... but what, most of my layered cute business casual clothes are winter and it's sure to be a humid 90 degrees F.  

Maybe I'll wear a blouse and cardigan.  Jewel tones are good with my coloring but I don't want to be too colorful.  Maybe my purple (plum) silk blouse or green silk blouse with a solid cardi (maybe black - black is slimming right or maybe dark gray since my hair is black right now).  hmmm... okay maybe I'm getting somewhere.... I wish I had a pencil skirt.... not that you would see it in the photos but it would just be easy to style around.

Maybe less of a thick sweater and more jewel like tones.
I wish I was so chic.

not white I know but I have a mustard cardi.
color combo?
On to my hair.  I have been rockin' the bangs for a few months now but I think for this picture I am going to have them side swept (If they aren't too short).  It will open up my face more...and will keep me from having crazy bangs.  I made need to take a mirror with me. 

 I'm so vain!... I'll update with the final result.

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