Friday, May 4, 2012

May the forth be with you on this lovely FRIDAY!

My bedtime routine includes: prepping coffee for the morning, turning out all the lamps in the house, filling my water bottle, taking my meds and vitamins, brushing my teeth, a few nights a week flossing, washing my face, drinking all but a little of the rest of my water bottle, telling the dogs to go to bed, telling Phil I love him. 

I am annoyed with myself because I am currently hopelessly engrossed in the Twilight Saga.  I thought I would simple enjoy listening to them (yes I'm not actually reading the books but listening to them from Audio books I borrowed from the Lewisville Library).  So apparently Edwards smoldering doesn't just work on the characters in the book because I'm addicted.

I can't stand smacking (and I mean your food not to be confused with spanking)  because it's rude and annoying.  I'm not sure if I have covered this point about myself yet while blogging but I really can't stand smacking.  No matter how much I love you if you are smacking  I will have the urge to hit you (and yes  I understand the rude irony of me wanting to hit for smacking... again just keeping it real :)

My idea of relaxation would be laying in the sun (with no mosquitoes around).  I really really have a very strong desire to go to the beach.  I'm going to have to start my summer weekend routine of laying out a few hours to make sure I get my Vitamin D.  Oh how I love the warm sun.

If I had an extra $50, I would  buy some wedges.  I really want to get some cute summer shoes.

The best thing about a bloggy friend is you know what's going on deeper than the surface... usually... or you can just SEE what they are up to.

A recipe I've been dying to try is well I don't have an exact recipe but I have been wanting to try Kale Chips.  I have never had them but I had heard great things and I think it would be an awesome alternative for my chip cravings.
"with a kick" the recipe says

they are so simple to make too... although  these pics don't look super appetizing I guess.

Well those are the blanks for today. I have a bunch of things I am looking forward to this weekend and I can't wait to tell you all about them!  Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

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