Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just pick one!

There is a commercial on right now for some car company that depicts a lady who is a very swift decision maker, she is sure of her choices, she knows what she likes until all the sudden there are so many great car options she ends up beside herself in indecision...

today I feel like that.

I decided to pre-order the new iPhone5 which is kind of a big deal for me since I am still using the 3GS and I have been wanting to upgrade for awhile.  I was due to upgrade with my contract for a while but I have been holding out; just waiting to see if the new iPhone was going to be worth me getting or if the 4 would go cheaper and I could get a win that way.

So regardless of which phone I upgraded to it meant I was going to get a new cover.  Previously I have been sporting the affectionately dubbed "ninja turtle" case. It has served me well as I have not completely destroyed my phone in some drops that could have done it in.

But now I am thinking I would like a case that is a little less "sticky" and has more personality to it.
But oh the choices when you are trying to choose one case to represent your personality or design aesthetics or character.  I almost feel like I have different personalities when choosing.

One of my new favorite sites is called Society6, it is kind of like Cafe Press where artwork is uploaded and you can order t-shirts, mugs, prints etc. from that art.  I got this gem for my hubby and my bro...

I decided that I would check it out for a new phone case....and boy was I overwhelmed.
I picked out my top designs and started narrowing them down.  Now I have a top 4 that I just feel a little torn between.
My style.
My passion/career/humor.
My happy -so so cute it just makes me smile.
My softer/cute side.
I'm pretty sure I'm going with the oh so adorable lil' owl but it's funny to me how such an inconsequential decision really has me stumped/personally reflecting. 

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