Friday, September 7, 2012

The Wedding Creations

As I promised a few weeks ago I would post all about the creations I helped with for my sister's wedding.  Well we had some minor tragedies regarding some of these creations but nevertheless I thought I would show you what I was busy creating.

First of all the invitation and programs for the wedding.

I was pretty pleased with how it all turned out and Leah "liked" them so that was good ;)
Here is a closer view of the programs pictured in the above photo at the bottom.
The programs unfortunately didn't actually make it to the wedding as they were accidentally left in Dallas and we didn't realize it until the morning of the wedding when it was too late to go get them.  I know so sad.
Anyway, they were cute little fans since the wedding was outside in August it only seemed appropriate.
Click to view larger
The other little gem I worked on was the guestbook ... which again was accidentally left in Dallas so it didn't actually get used but the idea was so cute I just wanted to share.
This is a terrible pic of it framed that I took with my phone...
This is the actual art that I printed at 18" x 24"

And this is a mock up I created of what the final piece would have kind of looked like in the end.
In case you are like what the heck is this... here are some pictures of how it all would have gone down. These are all ideas we found online.

In addition to the actual wedding designing I made two bridal shower invites.  Here are those:

I also mentioned collecting tree logs from off the curbs of my neighbors...
here is Phil and Buster helping collect

here is what my very talented Dad created with those logs.

I can't wait to see all the official photography from the wedding I know it will just be beautiful!

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  1. Hopefully the photos will come soon. I should have them by sometime next week.
    Also, Mom and Dad brought us the balloon thumb print picture and it's hanging up in the apartment now. We have decided to make it into a visitor sign in book for our house, so when we have guests they come in and put a thumb print and sign their name and we can see who has come over! I really like it. So far we have 4 finger prints, mom and dad and Drew and Alyssa. So you and Phil have to come visit now.
    Thanks for all of your fun creations. I really really appreciated all the work you put in. :)