Friday, September 21, 2012

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!!!

Something I am very proud of is hmmm my hubby of course. I feel like it is a "girly" thing to want to see an aspect of someone's life that you don't know - so that when you aren't there you can visualize it. Can anyone relate? Well anyway, Phil's job is one of those curiosities to me. I really want to see the ER from his standpoint, meet the people he works with, see how he sutures?... ummm are we really sure he does that...anyway I want to see him in this environment that he has worked so hard to get to. I mean seriously this week when he was telling me about a kiddo that he was stitching up I really had to stop and think because I still have a hard time picturing him with a needle and thread sewing up some kid.

My favorite thing about myself is probably that I'm reliable. I indeed (to a fault and sometimes my own chagrin) am faithful and will follow through with what I say I will do. I think it is a good quality to have and one that a lot of people justify not having.

My favorite color for fall is the deeper tones of green/brown.

Something I've been learning lately is my insecurities are me not trusting God with my life.

A book I am reading now/have read recently is So long Insecurity, You've Been A Bad Friend to Us by Beth Moore. As some of you know I have "issues" with Beth Moore and as I was reading a few reviews on this book I read one user's review that summed up my "issues" to a T! I wish I could have said it this succinctly and accurately. "She is almost insufferably girly."... AHHH yes exactly. That being said while I usually have a very hard time relating to her manner of speech and emotions I have still found this book to be profound and true...though many examples she uses as sources of insecurities root don't resonant in my own heart, I am glad to be reading this one.

My favorite Pandora Station is this one isn't very creative but it's what I listen to the most...Country Pop Radio

This weekend I will pull out my fall decor! I am very excited about this and since tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox I figured why not! will post pics soon...hopefully.

Here are a few inspirations I'm thinking about incorporating:

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