Monday, December 19, 2011

As Seen on TV

This weekend I went with a friend to pick out paint and fabric for her baby's nursery and while I was looking around Hancock Fabrics I found an As Seen on TV display.  One of the items stuck out to me immediately - The Fuzz Wizard!!! Now this may sound ridiculous but this little contraption totally made my weekend!  It is a "nubbie" shaver.  You know how clothes has a pristine look and feel to them when you buy them but after one wash they seem to look "frumpy" and old.  How is that?  I mean sheesh I should be able to wash my clothes and not feel like I need to just buy a new shirt.  Well this has been such a frustration to me especially when you have a nice dress or sweater that you no longer want to wear for nice occasions because it look worn.
Now I have known for quite a while that this nubbie shaver exists but when looking for it I never could figure out where to buy the thing.  So the second I found it I grabbed it and was happy to make the $8.99 purchase.

So I got it home put two C batteries in and found my little black dress that was almost in the Goodwill pile due to nubbies and I got to shaving.  And if there was ever a time for O M G.... this is it!!!!  I was so excited, you can ask Phil.  I sounded like an infomercial.  It really did make my dress look brand new!

Okay I was so excited to use the Fuzz Wizard I failed to take before and after pictures...but I found someone's  review and her pictures look just like my results so check out her blog for the full scoop.

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